Catholics in Public Life: Realizing the Promise of Education Today and Tomorrow
Category Campus Ministry/Religious Studies , Center for Faith and Culture , International Studies
Year: 2015
Time: 361 minutes
Christian education transforms the whole person, leading individuals to manifest the glory of God within and become the authentic people we are created to become! Parents have the right and duty to educate their children in this way and to be assisted by the Church and society in doing so.
All are invited to come, hear, break open, and dialogue about the rich understanding of Christian education with its source being the joy of the Gospel which finds its first expression in and through the family system. In turn, education is nurtured and supported through the lived experience of the Church community, society, and in addition, Catholic schools and institutions of higher learning.
Guest speakers and panelists will provide insights into the Church’s teachings on Catholic Christian education, as well as provide testimonies of the impact that Catholic faith formation and education received in the family, parish life, parish faith formation, and schools, has had upon their lives.
Date: March 21,2015
Location: University of St. Thomas
Address: Jones Hall - 3910 Yoakum Houston, TX 77006
Sponsored By: AngelicvM Foundation and the University of St. Thomas - VPAA, Center for Faith and Culture, Center for International Studies, Catholic Outreach, and Campus Ministry.
Video Link: Part 1 Part 2
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