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Aquinas' Doctrine on Providence Its Current Relevance
Category Aquinas Lecture
Year: 2014
Time: 90 minutes

In his lecture on  Aquinas’ Doctrine on Providence and its Current Relevance Professor Brague explains that “God gives to every creature, according to its own nature, what it needs in order to attain the good. He does not take the place of the creature in making its good. And the higher on the scale from the mineral to the vegetal, the animal, and the human, the more God delegates; the more he grants the creature care of itself. When his providence is granted to man, it becomes, in a conscious play on words, prudence; not the simple fact of watching out for what lies ahead, but all of the practical wisdom that Aristotle called phronesis. This is where the wisdom of God and the wisdom of man come together.” 

Speakers: Prof. Remi Brague, Prof of Philosophy
Date: November 2014

Length: 90 mins


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