Romans 1:20 and Our Knowledge of God
Category Aquinas Lecture
Year: 2012
Time: 77 minutes
Can we know God’s existence and attributes by reflection upon the good things that we see around us?  If we can know God in this way, why do we also need to know him through his self-revelation in Jesus Christ? Put another way, is the God of the Greek philosophers the same God whom we encounter in Jesus, and if the God that we know in these two ways is indeed the same, can we make do with one way alone? It may seem that believers in the incarnate Son of God have little stake in also holding that we can know God through natural reason, especially now that relatively few philosophers think that philosophical labors can attain to knowledge of the living God. 

Dr. Levering argues that Christians should hold that God’s existence, along with certain other attributes, can be demonstrated by natural reason on the basis of material things.

Speaker(s): Dr. Matthew Levering

Date: January 26, 2012
Location: Jones Hall
Length: 77 mins

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