After a Century of Ecumenism
Category Center for Faith and Culture
Year: 2011
Time: 89 minutes
The churches have recently commemorated the centenary of the 1910 World Missionary Conference at Edinburgh, Scotland, an event understood as the starting point of the modern ecumenical movement. A century of ecumenism has gone by. This gives us the occasion to ask what has been achieved during this century. In what ways have Christian communions, divided from one another over centuries, begun to move towards unity? What are some of the ecumenical challenges facing us today? With an emphasis on the results of ecumenical dialogue, this presentation explores some answers to these questions.The 2011 B.K. Smith Lecture in History presented by Professor Emerita Dr. Virginia Bernhard.

Speaker(s): Msgr. John A. Radano; Rev. Donald S. Nesti; Daniel Cardinal DiNardo

Date: April 7, 2011
Location: Nold Auditorium, St. Mary's Seminary
Length: 89 mins

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