The 'Greatest Generation,' Irish Style
Category Irish Lecture Series
Year: 2010
Time: 79 minutes
The 'Greatest Generation,' Irish Style: The Mid-Twentieth Century Re-invention of the Irish in America
Noted author, editor and poet, Jim Rogers, managing director of the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota) Center for Irish Studies, ventures south to share his expertise on the Irish in America. This far-ranging talk looks at the Irish American community in the decade-and-a-half before the election of John F. Kennedy. Taking issue with those who say the Irish in America jettisoned their cultural distinctiveness in the (supposedly) conformist years of the 1950s, Rogers argues that the Irish American community re-invented itself in new, creative ways, often deliberately staying outside the mainstream. Novels (The Last Hurrah), plays (Finian's Rainbow), movies (The Quiet Man) sitcoms (The Honeymooners), and music (the Clancy Brothers) all came together to create an Irish American efflorescence. Irishness in midcentury America assuredly had not faded.


Speaker(s): Jim Rogers

Date: November 18, 2010

Location: Scanlan Room, Jerabeck Center

Length: 79 mins

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