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UST Earth Day Lecture "Creation and the University: Educating for a Human Ecology"
Category Environmental Science and Studies
Year: 2010
Time: 72 minutes
Oxford scholar Stratford Caldecott's lecture, “Creation and the University: Educating for a Human Ecology” reflects on the importance of teaching about creation and the natural world at a small Catholic liberal arts university like UST. The event is sponsored by Environmental Science and Studies, Pope John Paul II Forum and the Honors Program.

Caldecott lives in Oxford, where he studied philosophy and psychology before entering a career in publishing with Routledge, HarperCollins and T&T Clark. Currently editor of the international journal Second Spring and of Sophia Institute Press, he also serves on the editorial boards ofCommunio and The Chesterton Review, and is the author most recently of Beauty for Truth's Sake(Brazos, 2009), a book about the recovery of the Christian cosmological vision in education. 



Speaker(s): Stratford Caldecott

Date: April 15, 2010
Location: Jones Hall
Length: 72 mins

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