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Intimate Unions: The Ethics and Politics of Marriage
Category General
Year: 2006
Speaker(s): 2006 Senior Honors Class
Date: April 7th, 2006
Location: Scanlon
Length: 56 mins
Description: Marriage: why does it matter? Sex: what is it for and why does it have so much power over us? Many of the problems in our society can be traced back to breakdowns in intimate relationships. Due to the widespread instability of such relationships, the traditional view of marriage is surrounded by pessimism and doubt, as evidenced by prenuptial agreements, no-fault divorces and wedding vows that shy away from a promise of permanence. More and more, individuals in our society are choosing alternative forms of relationships that deviate from traditional models. The question is: should one aim to achieve a lifelong relationship? If so, how does one attain such a relationship in a fulfilling manner, and how does the sexual drive fit into the picture? Our presentation will explore the progression of attitudes about marriage, the nature of relationships in regards to what individuals contribute to them, psychological reasons for sexual promiscuity, sex and marriage in relation to society and the transcendent, marriage preparation, fidelity, love and marital roles, all in an attempt to support the institution of marriage as the model for fruitful intimate relationships.

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